About 2021

2021 was a busy year, especially on the professional side. Just like the past year, I hope for a healthy and safe 2022, with all the dear people around me and more focus on the things that truly matter.

2021 continued to be about work from home, online conferences and trainings. I was happy to start the year with the opportunity to be part of the “MAD skills” video series made by Google and I recorded a video about using idiomatic Kotlin combined with CameraX.

I managed to scale from 1 to 3 cross-functional teams at YOXO. It was a great achievement for me to be able to define and roll out a process able to easily scale the development of the product and match the needs and context from the department. This way I managed 28 people and started to mentor team leads, which was a different responsibility for me, and I truly enjoyed. It felt rewarding for me to see them grow and that my impact covers new areas.

From October I decided to start a new journey, as an Engineering Manager at Adobe. I am still at the beginning, but until now I am pleasantly impressed by their focus on growing the people and helping them to have amazing achievements and results. Also I appreciate their support in helping me to follow my passion for public speaking and blogging.

This year I also experimented what does it mean to be a mentor and I was involved in 2 different initiatives: mentor at Women Developer Academy, and mentor at #beAI by BucharestAI, plus being an Android trainer at Atelierul Digital pentru Programatori.

Wishing you a healthy, successful and happy 2022! 🤩🎉🤗✨


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🖼️2021 in Pictures

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