Atelierul Digital pentru Programatori – Final Project

I wrote about the Atelierul Digital pentru Programatori in one of my previous articles. It’s a program started by Google Romania in 2018 and I am one of the mentors. I teach Android Fundamentals and I also created the curricula and the materials for this course that is organized in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, and Iasi. Until now I trained more than 180 students and it is an amazing experience.

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This post is about my latest group of awesome students. The format of the course is pretty simple: 9 weeks we learn and apply new concepts from the Android development, and in the last week the students present a final project that contains all the notions covered until then. They learn how to create the user interface of an Android app, how to save and manage data in a local database, how to connect to an API and get and send data to it, and many more.

Please check the result of their work, personally I was amazed 🙂

Drehuta Alexandra

Sofia Luisa

Pavel Mihăiță-Cătălin

Ungur Gelu

Bodea George

Calian Claudiu-Manuel

Nemeth Edgar

Belean Marian-Daniel

Raluca Hotea

Calin Roberta Stefana

Manolache Andrei

Vieriu Constantin-Gabriel

That’s all folks! Looking forward to meeting my new students. 🙂

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