Top 3 Challenges After Becoming an Engineering Manager

Becoming an Engineering Manager is a significant career milestone for many engineers or tech leaders. As a manager, you are responsible for leading a team of technical experts, overseeing the development of projects, and ensuring that the work is delivered on time and at the highest quality. However, the transition from an individual contributor to a manager is not without its challenges.

One of my mentees asked me about the challenges I faced after taking on my new role as an Engineering Manager, so this article will provide insights and my recommendations on how to overcome them. These challenges include balancing technical and managerial responsibilities, leading and inspiring a team, and effective communication. For each challenge I proposed 3 solutions.

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Data Models and Query Languages 

The Chapter 2 from “Designing Data-Intensive Applications” by Martin Kleppmann is covering concepts like data models and query languages.

Data models are having direct impact on how the software is written, but also define how we think about the problem we are working to solve.

There are multiple data models for data storage and querying and the most common used are relational models, document models and graph based data models.

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Reliability, Scalability & Maintainability

When designing systems/services is about combining functional requirements (what the system should do) with non-functional requirements (quality attributes or ilities). The challenge here is to develop software with the right quality levels. And to solve this challenge, here comes the concept of Software Architecture Methodology which helps us to build a bridge between the problem space and the solution space.

My role, as an Engineering Manager, is also about technical leadership and helping my teams making the right technical decisions based on data, best practices and current expectations from our clients. And since I just finished to read “Building a Second Brain”, I include here my notes from the book “Designing Data-Intensive Applications” by Martin Kleppmann, a must-read in the system design field.

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About Feedback

Working as part of a team is about collaboration and communication. In the equation of improving the processes and our leadership style, the feedback is a powerful tool.

Giving and receiving feedback is a skill that could be learned. It takes time, courage, and involvement in transforming it into a habit, but the positive impact brought worth all the effort.

Photo by Hybrid on Unsplash
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3rd part – The Year of Living Brilliantly

This is the third article about – The Year of Living Brilliantly that contains the latest lessons of the program. Just like in the first and second articles, I added my notes for each session, plus references to learn more about the person who is talking about that topic.

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Android Final Project – Winter 2021

My journey as an Android mentor and trainer for Atelierul Digital pentru Programatori has continued also this year. Every time a group of students graduates I am amazed by their creativity, perseverance, and especially about their final projects. 

“Atelierul digital pentru Programatori” is a program started by Google Romania in 2018 and it happens in multiple tech universities from Romania. I teach Android Fundamentals and I also created the curricula and the materials for this course that is organised in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, and Iasi. Until now I trained more than 240 students and it is an amazing experience.

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Speaker at Top Talents 2021 – Focus on your strengths in a biased tech world

On November 20th, I had the opportunity to talk at Top Talents Romania by Jobs about how to focus on your strengths in a biased tech world.

🎯 Keywords: strengths, bias, OKRs, SWOT, time management, build a good habit, retrospective, start with why.

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