About me

Hi! I’m Magda Miu and I am passionate about Android development and Scrum.

As a technical team leader I’m happy to have the opportunity to create an inspiring team environment with an open communication culture in the mobile development department at Roweb. During the past 2 years I learned to set clear goals, to delegate, to listen and to motivate my team members, to lead them by example, to discover their training needs and provide coaching, to recognise high performance and reward accomplishments and also to encourage creativity and risk-taking.

As a developer I like to share my knowledge by being trainer and mentor on the internships and workshops organised at Roweb and also at the University of Pitesti. Also in my spare time I enjoy writing articles about Agile or programming.

As a volunteer I am involved in organising free events for developers as a Co-Organiser at GDG Pitești and also to support the women in tech as a leader of Women Techmakers România Community.

Find me on the web: LinkedIn, GitHub, Medium



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