DevFest Romania 2021 – High performance with idiomatic Kotlin

On November 13th, I participated at DevFest Romania 2021 as a co-organiser, moderator and speaker. It’s the 7th edition, so it is actually a tradition for me to be part of this event.

📌Talk Description

We develop software for people, and performance has a direct impact on the user experience.

This presentation will include details about why high performance is essential when we build software products, an overview of the most common reasons for performance issues, and how Kotlin’s features could be applied to prevent them.

The talk is for all the developers who would like to learn more about how Kotlin works under the hood and why it is a pragmatic language.

So join me at this session, and let’s discover together why Kotlin is loved by the developers and how we can write idiomatic Kotlin code to develop quality products that bring joy to our users.


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