[Maintainable Podcast] Building a Technical Leadership Career Around Teaching

I was honored to talk with Robby Russell (@robbyrussell) about technical leadership and maintainable code. It was my very first podcast. Hope the content is helpful: Magda Miu: Building a Technical Leadership Career Around Teaching.


Robby speaks with Magda Miu, Squad Leader Developer at Orange. They discuss the benefits of a healthy pull-request & review process and the unique challenges of mobile device app development. Magda also shares how she transitioned from being a day-to-day code contributor to team leader, as well as her strategies for keeping her technical skills sharp when she is not coding on a regular basis.

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About Maintainable podcast

On the Maintainable podcast, the host, Robby Russell, speaks with seasoned practitioners who have worked past the problems often associated with technical debt and legacy code. In each episode, the guests will share stories and outline tangible, real-world approaches to software challenges. The purpose of it is to help us uncover new ways of thinking about how to improve our software project’s maintainability. We’re in this together.

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