Android CameraX – Complete Guide

CameraX provides an easy to use api and the purpose of this article is to define a complete guide with different kind of resources about how this api could be easily integrated in our Android apps.

🏷️Talk Title

Smile, it’s CameraX!

📌Talk Description

These days, humans take more than 1 trillion photos a year and there are researches that show how taking photos increases enjoyment of experiences. This could be a good reason to focus on how to develop an app that takes pictures and CameraX was one of the most popular releases at Google I/O 2019.
CameraX is a Jetpack supportt library built to help us make camera app development easier. In this presentation we will discuss about simplified usage of this new API that solves many bugs and pain points by offering consistency across devices.



📚 Articles

Enjoy and feel free to leave a comment if something is not clear or if you have questions. And if you like it please share !

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