[RO MobOS] Clarity is King and Kotlin is Queen

I was happy to participate for the second time at RO MobOS, 2020 edition in Cluj-Napoca. Again, awesome audience, awesome organisers and awesome vibes. I love Cluj! 🙂

📌Talk Description

With Kotlin we are able to write concise, expressive and safe code. Sounds like clean code, doesn’t it? During this presentation we will recap what clean code is, we will highlight the importance of defining meaningful names and how to write clean functions and classes. Finally we will be able to learn more about the advantages of immutability and how to handle the errors in Kotlin. By the end of the session, you will have a better understanding of what clean code means and you will learn a series of tips and tricks ready to be applied in your code.

📚 Learn more

  1. Article “CommandQuerySeparation” by Martin Fowler
  2. “Law of Demeter: Principle of Least Knowledge” by Professor Karl, Northeastern University
  3. Article “Breaking the Law of Demeter is Like Looking for a Needle in the Haystack” by Miško Hevery
  4. Article “TellDontAsk” by Martin Fowler
  5. Article “One Assertion Per Test” by Dave Astels
  6. The Tragedy Of Checked Exceptions by Howard Lewis Ship
  7. Exceptions are Bad by Jed Wesley-Smith
  8. Checked exceptions I love you, but you have to go by Miško Hevery

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