Android Learning Plan

I am often asked how to start learning Android, or how to become an Android developer. So I was thinking that a blog post that will answer these questions might be a good idea.

Each one of us has our style of learning. So first of all it is important to identify your VARK learning style and after that check the dedicated resources.

VARK learning styles are:

  • Visual: you prefer the use images, graphics, schemas, videos to access and understand new information
  • Auditory: you understand new content through listening
  • Read & Write: you learn by reading through words and take a lot of notes about new information
  • Kinesthetic: you learn new concepts and skills through hands-on experiences

The studies estimate that between 50 to 70% of the population prefer a combination of several different styles of learning. So choose your matching combination. 🤓

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RecyclerView in Android

RecyclerView is a ViewGroup that helps us to display a scrollable list of elements. It is one of the most used UI components in the Android apps and it involves having a data source, an adapter, and the RecyclerView. Other than displaying the content, RecyclerView is efficiently reusing the views that have scrolled off the screen by recycling them.

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Atelierul Digital pentru Programatori

“Atelierul Digital pentru Programatori”  is an initiative made by Google that aims to create opportunities for young people and students who want to learn how to code, but also for those who want to become entrepreneurs in the tech field.

These activities are carried out in three hubs built by Google in partnership with three universities from Romania: Bucharest University, Technical University from Cluj-Napoca and Polytechnic University from Timisoara.

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