[DevCon] How to build a diverse & inclusive team

I recently presented this talk at DevCon edition on the Women in Tech online stage. I was honored and happy to be part of this event and to share my knowledge and experience about how to build a diverse and inclusive team.

My talk covered 3 main areas: what is diversity and inclusion, why they matter, and how to make diversity and inclusion a priority for the team you’re leading or you are part of by applying 5 best practices.

πŸ“ŒTalk Description

As tech leaders, our primary responsibility is to help our team members succeed. About the mission, we must focus on building and empower diverse and inclusive teams and help them to create outstanding products with a focus on customer needs and experience. 

During this talk, I will highlight the main advantages of having a diverse and inclusive team, and what are the top best practices to achieve this goal. 


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