GDG DevFest România 2017

When people are passionated about the same things they start to meet together in order to talk about their common passions. And these are the communities.


Google supports the tech communities in România and we are happy to have 5 Google Developers Group communities:

All the GDGs do a great work during the year. In each community we organise meetups periodically. So you could join us, just search us on Google and you will know everything about our activities and I encourage you to be part of the community and to participate at our meetups.

Another initiative of the GDGs is Women Techmakers România community. The purpose of this community is to encourage the women to follow a career in programming and also to support the women who already work in the IT domain. 

On November 17th all the GDG România communities met at the third edition of GDG DevFest România 2017, the biggest Google tech conference from România.

GDG DevFests are large, community-run developer events happening around the globe focused on community building and learning about Google’s technologies.

GDG DevFest România is a community event, made by community for community. The main purpose of this conference is to bring together tech specialists and give to the attendees the possibility to participate at their presentations and ask them questions about their common passions : technology and programming.

The main topics of the conference were: Android, Web, Cloud, UX/UI.

At the conference they were present 18 speakers, 2 Googlers, 7 Google Developers Experts and local speakers.

Also I was one of the speakers, and I had a presentation on the Android stage: ”Room: an SQLite object mapping library” and I was happy to share my knowledge and also to be challenged by the attendees’ questions.

The day was full of inspiration, excitement and joyful people. 🙂

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