GDG Pitești Meetup WEB technologies

Dear tech enthusiasts,

Android Study Jam it’s a wrap and now GDG Pitești invites you and your tech fellows to explore new topics and learning paths at our next meetup.

May 12th, 18:30 | Ramada Pitesti, Opal conference room

Register here (free entrance, limited seats).


  •  A smart Wi-Fi solution (fully based on Google Cloud Platform) | David Paraschivescu – Atlas Data
  • A better web | Bogdan Nourescu – Atlas Networking


“A smart Wi-Fi solution (fully based on Google Cloud Platform)” by David Paraschivescu, Research Assistant in Computer Science Atlas Data –  IT&C Security enthusiast, IT Network Systems Administrator, Certified Network Engineer

David is a creative and hardworking young professional passionate about Cloud technologies who joined Atlas Data SRL last year to help in the development of the Wi-Fi “Hot-Spot” project.

Passionate about exploring new technologies and always curious to find solutions to integrate them into existing or new projects, David is an IT&C security advocate with advanced skills in Networking and Systems administration.

Currently, he works as an IT Research Assistant by Atlas Data, improving products and services for customers by using standing up big-data analytical tools and ensuring all security layers for the Hot-Spot product.® is a public Wi-Fi network which offers high speed free Internet access and the opportunity to navigate the web using an encrypted or unencrypted connection with the support of a digital certificate.® is a product developed by Atlas Data S.R.L. fully based on cloud technologies (environmentally friendly). was built for Wi-Fi service users who want to navigate the Web through a secure connection to eliminate the security risks occured while using regular wireless networks. For commercial and public sector provides Wi-Fi solutions for a smart marketing, applicable for various verticals, such as retail, ospitality industry, tourism and banking services, education, public transport, publich health, culture, and much more.

Being fully based on Google Cloud Platform, it is a step forward towards a truly IoT solution. It integrates almost all the products and services offered by Google on their cloud platform, starting from simple virtualization up to nowadays modern Big Data.

“A better web” by Bogdan Nourescu, Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer

Bogdan is a Web App Developer with 5+ years expertise in designing highly scalable apps. He has been working with Google Cloud Platform since the beginning and with technologies like JQuery, Polymer, App Engine, Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, in order to develop apps for different kind of industries (call-center, education, agriculture, sales).

Bogdan is the only Google Cloud Platform Authorized Trainer from Romania and his presentation will be about how to learn to evaluate your RAIL performance, why it is important and what to focus on when you develop for the web. Also learn about the new capabilities of the web and how to integrate them into your web apps to build more powerful apps. The new powers of the web include: offline apps, bluetooth communication, push notifications.


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