GDG Pitești Meetup: Polymer

First 2016 GDG Pitești Meetup: That’s a wrap!

Our event in a nutshell: 30 web developers and IT&C students, curious to learn new things, signed up for our first Meetup with Polymer on the agenda.



Polymer it is a library for building Web Components

For any cool web developer Polymer is a new way of thinking about building web applications, a sugaring layer on top of Web Components, making it easy for you to create inter-operable custom elements. These elements can then be put together to create app-like immersive experiences on the web.

Our guest speaker, Bogdan Norescu (Atlas Networking) – a senior web developer very passionate about Polymer – has presented to GDG Pitești audience a demo for a project built with Polymer, explained Polymer fundamentals, and continued with a more detailed picture on how you can build and customize your own web components, gave examples of apps built with Polymer and guided us to online resources to learn more about this topic. We have rewarded questions and the funniest picture which hit the highest number of likes with HTML and Android stickers and t-shirts.

Stay tuned because this year our agenda contains also topics related to UX, Android, Web (OAuth), IoT, Big Data and much more. If you are interested in other topics, please send us a private message or write to us at

Have a look at the pictures to have a little flavour of our community start in the New Year and feel free to tag yourself or like us: Facebook album or Google Plus. The presentation can be see it here.

Thank you Atlas Networking ( for your support!

Thank you all for joining us! 🙂 12633467_1050165188376631_2336937506263410396_o


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