Women Techmakers Romania — Telling Our Story

This is the report of the Women Techmakers Romania community related to the celebration of International Women’s Day! 🙂


The International Women’s Day event was celebrated in our community on Saturday, March, 25th at We Love Digital Unirii — Bucharest. At our event we heard stories of women from the tech industry, we learned about women in STEM and took a step in making our own story.

It was a great experience, we were excited to have curious attendees who were interested about our community and about the speakers’ presentations. They asked a lot of questions and they were very involved in our activities.

I believe that each one of us is trying to build her/his own successfully story and this thing is possible if we are determined, have courage and work a lot to make our dreams come true. Else we will be only some footnotes at the stories of others.

Telling your story shows you’re authentic, genuine, and real. YOU are an inspiration!

I hope you will enjoy the presentation! 🙂


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